bet365 have launched their 6 Horses Challenge just in time for Royal Ascot! Each day of Royal Ascot you will have a free go at winning a share of £100,000.

Each day I will post my selections for the 6 Horses Challenges to help you with your picks for the big win.

Royal Ascot Day 5 Picks
How it works

It is really quick and easy to get involved and best of all free to play.

- Login or create an account,
- Go to Horse Racing > Free Games,
- Make pick your 6 horses for the current game.

play for free here

We will post our picks every day so you can see what we are picking and will keep you updated on twitter of any wins.

Terms and conditions

The prize values displayed for four, five and six correct predictions are the maximum available based on a single winner for each prize-pool and will be reduced in the event of shared prize-pools. If more than one entrant predicts four, five or six correct race results, the total amount of applicable prize-money will be shared equally between all entrants involved for each prize-pool. Entrants will only receive a share of the prize-pool they have finished within, a maximum of one prize per game.

Entry to 6 Horses Challenge is separate from standard bet placement and all bet365 offers do not apply. The prizes listed within the game are based on all races taking place as scheduled. In the event of a race being abandoned, amended prizes will be listed within the game. Should multiple races be abandoned, the game will be made void. In the event a chosen selection is declared a non-runner prior to the game entry closing, entrants can change their selection. If a replacement selection is not made, non-runners will automatically be replaced with the unnamed Starting Price Favourite at the point of settlement.

For full details on gameplay, please refer to our 6 Horses Challenge rules.

- You are responsible for any tax obligations (reporting and / or tax settlement) that are applicable in your jurisdiction in relation to any deposits, stakes or entry fees or any winnings/prizes or losses as the case may be. Prize values displayed are exclusive of any tax deductions (where applicable).

- The 6 Horses Challenge feature is available at the discretion of bet365 and bet365 makes no guarantees regarding its availability. bet365 will not be responsible if the 6 Horses Challenge feature is not available for technical reasons.

- bet365 reserves the right to reclaim any prize-money awarded for a 6 Horses Challenge entry if the outcome of a race within the relevant game was determined in error.

- bet365 reserves the right to accept or decline any 6 Horses Challenge entry.

- bet365 reserves the right to amend, suspend or remove the 6 Horses Challenge feature (or any part of it) for any event, meeting or customer.

- bet365 reserves the right to remove the 6 Horses Challenge feature for any customer or group of customers where it has reasonable grounds to believe that the customer or groups of customers is misusing the feature.