PayPal betting sites are online bookmakers that accept PayPal as a payment method.

Users at PayPal can enjoy quick and seamless transactions with the e-wallet making the deposit and withdrawal method simple.

Read on as we offer a full guide on the best PayPal bookmakers as we look at the best sites, the minimum deposits, maximum deposits and more.

List of the Best PayPal Betting Sites

Here’s a list of the top-rated bookmakers that accept PayPal as e-wallet for deposits and withdrawals.


PayPal can be used as a payment method at Bet365.

Established in 2000, Bet365 has grown to serve millions of users worldwide, offering a vast range of betting markets across sports and casino games. The platform is renowned for its comprehensive betting options and user-friendly interface, making it a top choice for bettors.

The minimum deposit requirement for Bet365 users utilizing PayPal is £10, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of bettors.

The minimum withdrawal amount using PayPal at Bet365 is £10 and the maximum withdrawal is £5,500.

PayPal transactions at Bet365 are processed swiftly, with deposits being instant and withdrawals taking up to 24 hours.

No transaction fees are charged by Bet365 for using PayPal making it fee-free and convenient to use.

PayPal betting sites reveal PayPal as payment on bank statements but it will show as B365 or Bet365 within the reference.

Find more details about Bet365 payment methods for details on other payment options.

William Hill

PayPal is facilitated for transactions at William Hill for both deposits and withdrawals, enhancing the betting experience.

Since its establishment in 1934, William Hill has become a trusted name in the betting industry, offering a wide array of sports and casino betting options. With a reputation for reliability and customer service, it serves a global audience with diverse gambling preferences.

The minimum deposit for PayPal users at William Hill is set at £5, making it accessible for casual bettors. The minimum withdrawal amount mirrors the deposit at £5, with the maximum withdrawal cap at £5,500.

In my opinion, PayPal withdrawals don’t cater for high rollers, with a cut-off usually at £5,500 compared to other payment types that offer x10 this max withdrawal. Find other payment options at William Hill with our complete guide.

PayPal deposits at William Hill are processed almost instantly, while withdrawals are completed within one day.

There’s. no transaction fee using PayPal for deposits and withdrawals at William Hill. Use our complete review of William Hill for everything you need to know.


PayPal is accepted at Ladbrokes for secure deposits and prompt withdrawals, catering to convenience and speed.

Founded in 1886 and part of Entain plc, Ladbrokes stands as a premier betting site known for its sports betting, casino games, and online gaming platforms. It attracts users with its extensive market coverage and competitive odds.

You can deposit a minimum of £5 via PayPal at Ladbrokes, ensuring affordability.

The platform maintains a low minimum withdrawal limit for PayPal users at Ladbrokes of £5. Ladbrokes allows for maximum withdrawals up to £12,500 via PayPal, supporting both moderate and significant transactions.

This is a fantastic max withdrawal amount via PayPal at Ladbrokes, more than doubling the withdrawal allowance per day of other competitors. Find out more with our full guide on payments at Ladbrokes.

Deposits via PayPal at Ladbrokes are instantaneous, and withdrawal times are notably fast, taking up to eight hours.

Transactions via PayPal incur no additional fees and are discreetly managed, not appearing on bank statements. You can use our review for details on Ladbrokes, as we look at the offers, sign-up perks and our general review of the site.

Paddy Power

PayPal is accepted at Paddy Power for both funding accounts and withdrawing winnings, providing seamless financial operations.

Established in 1988 and now under Flutter Entertainment, Paddy Power is known for its innovative marketing and comprehensive betting options. The platform is celebrated for its engaging user experience and vast betting markets.

The minimum deposit amount for PayPal users at Paddy Power is set at £5, aligning with its user-friendly approach.

Withdrawals using PayPal start at a minimal £1, with a maximum limit of £5,000, allowing flexibility for Paddy Power users.

This is a top-rated bookmakers that accepts PayPal, not just because of the vast markets available and reputation, but they offer low withdrawals as small as £1. Check out all details of payment options at Paddy Power, for more information.

Transactions through PayPal on are nearly instantaneous for deposits, and withdrawals are impressively fast, completed within 1-4 hours.

Bettors value the absence of fees for PayPal transactions and the privacy from not having gambling transactions appear on bank statements. Although the reference on your bank statement could mention PP or Paddy Power under your PayPal transaction.

Check out our complete Paddy Power review for everything you need to know about the bookmakers.


PayPal is allowed at Betfred for depositing and withdrawing, offering efficiency and security to its users.

Betfred, established in 1967 by Lightcatch Limited, provides a wide range of betting services including sports, casino, and online gaming. The platform is favoured for its generous odds and diverse betting options.

The user-friendly minimum deposit using PayPal at Betfred is £5, allowing for small deposits with this Betfred payment method.

The maximum withdrawal amount via PayPal transactions at Betfred is £5, enabling customers to enjoy small winnings with ease.

Instant deposits via PayPal at Betfred enable bettors to engage in betting activities without delay, and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

The platform ensures transactions through PayPal are free of charge and do not appear on bank statements, maintaining user privacy. Find out everything you need to know about Betfred with our full guide.


PayPal is facilitated at Unibet for deposits and withdrawals, providing a seamless transaction experience.

Founded in 1997 by the Kindred Group, Unibet has established itself as a leading online gambling operator, offering a wide array of sports betting, casino games, poker, and bingo. It is acclaimed for its user-friendly interface and extensive market coverage.

The minimum deposit using PayPal at Unibet is £10 – this is higher than some payment methods or other bookies, which makes it less favourable.

The minimum withdrawal amount is also set at £10, with the benefit of a £13,000 maximum withdrawals, accommodating both casual bettors and high-stakes players.

I believe the minimum withdrawal terms aren’t the best on the market, with other options including £1 but they make up for it with a huge withdrawal limit relative to PayPal withdrawals. Find alternative payment options at Unibet with our full guide.

Deposits made via PayPal at Unibet are instantaneous, while withdrawals are notably efficient, typically processed within 12 hours.

Unibet does not charge transaction fees for using PayPal, and transactions are kept off bank statements, ensuring privacy for users. Use our Unibet guide for more on their offers, markets and licensing.

888 Sport

PayPal is accepted at 888 for depositing and withdrawing funds, enhancing user convenience and security.

As a prominent sports betting arm of the 888 Holdings brand, founded in 2008, 888 Sport offers a comprehensive betting experience with a wide range of sports, live betting, and promotions. It’s known for its competitive odds and innovative betting options.

The minimum deposit via PayPal at 888 at 888’s site is £10.

The minimum withdrawal using your PayPal account at 888Sport is £5. The maximum withdrawal amount with PayPal at 888 is £5,000.

PayPal transactions at 888 Sport are processed instantly for deposits, while withdrawals are completed within 3 days, ensuring quick access to funds. The platform stands out for not imposing any fees for PayPal transactions and maintaining bettor’s privacy by excluding gambling transactions from bank statements.

Find all 888 payment methods as we look at the full range of options.


PayPal is available at Betway both deposits and withdrawals, streamlining the payment process for bettors.

Established in 2006 and operated by SGHC Ltd, Betway has gained international recognition for its sports betting, casino games, and esports offerings. The platform is favored for its strong market presence and commitment to providing diverse betting options.

The minimum deposit limit set for PayPal users at Betway is £5, promoting inclusivity. and allowing for small deposits

The minimum withdrawal amount is also £10, with a maximum withdrawal limit of £1,000, suiting a wide range of betting habits. Fore more details, find our guide on payment methods at Betway.

Deposits via PayPal at Betway are credited instantly, allowing immediate betting action, and withdrawals typically take between 2 hours to 3 business days, balancing speed with security. Moreover, Betway ensures PayPal transactions are free of any fees and do not appear as gambling activities on bank statements, prioritizing user privacy and convenience.


PayPal is a deposit and withdrawal method that is accepted at Parimatch.

As an international betting platform founded in 1994, Parimatch is recognized for its sports betting, casino games, and esports, attracting a global audience with its varied betting markets.

The minimum deposit amount using PayPal at Parimatch is £5, allowing for small deposits and stakes.

The minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal users is £5 at Parimatch. The maximum withdrawal limit with PayPal on Parimatch is £5,500 and cannot be exceeded via this e-wallet. Use our Parimatch payment methods for other options and limits that are available, including the chance to withdraw significantly more.

Parimatch does not apply transaction fees for PayPal use, ensuring cost-effective betting experiences. Additionally, PayPal transactions maintain privacy, not appearing on bank statements, a feature valued by users.

Also be sure to use our guide on Parimatch for more details on offers, ongoing deals and more.


PayPal is available at 32Red for quick and secure deposits or withdrawals.

Established in 2002, 32Red offers a comprehensive range of gaming options, from sports betting to casino games. It’s renowned for its customer service and robust gaming environment.

PayPal users at 32Red can enjoy a minimum deposit of £10, accommodating casual players.

PayPal withdrawals also start from £10 at 32Red, with a maximum withdrawal limit of £5,500, catering to a broad spectrum of gamblers.

Deposits via PayPal are instant at 32Red, and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, exemplifying efficiency.

There are no fees for PayPal transactions at 32Red, find more details with the 32Red Payment Methods.


PayPal is an e-wallet that’s accepted at LeoVegas for deposits and withdrawals.

Launched in 2012, LeoVegas is acclaimed for its mobile gaming experience, offering an extensive selection of casino games and sports betting options. The platform is committed to innovation and user satisfaction.

The minimum deposit amount using PayPal at LeoVegas is £10.

The maximum withdrawal amount for PayPal users at LeoVegas is £10. The withdrawal limit for PayPal customers at LeoVegas is £5,500 – the average limit that we often see using this e-wallet at betting sites.

PayPal is an efficient e-wallet is quick and secure, deposits are instant at LeoVegas and withdrawals take less than 24 hours. Find other LeoVegas payment options for alternative banking methods.


PayPal is accepted at Boylesports as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Founded in 1982, Boylesports has grown into Ireland’s largest independent bookmaker, offering extensive betting services across sports, casino, and online gaming.

The minimum deposit amount for PayPal users at Boylesports is £5.

The minimum withdrawal amount using PayPal at is £5 and the maximum withdrawal limit is £5,000.

Find other banking options at Boylesports – finding more terms and conditions for deposits and withdrawals.

Our team have also analysed the site from top to bottom with the review of Boylesports.


PayPal is available as a deposit and withdrawal method at Betfair.

As a leading betting exchange founded in 2000, Betfair offers unique betting options alongside traditional sportsbook features. It stands out for its innovative approach and broad market access.

The Betfair minimum deposit via PayPal is set at £10, inviting a wide user base.

The minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal users at Betfair is £10. The maximum PayPal withdrawal is £5,000 at Betfair.

Prefer a payment at Betfair with bigger limits? Use our guide to find other banking methods.

We also take a look at their latest Betfair promotion in our complete review of the website.


PayPal is allowed for payments and cashing out at Bwin.

Established in 1997, Bwin is known for sponsoring major sports events and teams, offering a vast array of betting options.

The minimum deposit for PayPal at Bwin is £10 and the maximum deposit allows is £2,000 for PayPal users.

The minimum withdrawal

Transactions via PayPal at Bwin incur no fees, promoting a cost-effective approach to online betting. Moreover, the privacy of PayPal transactions, not appearing on bank statements, underscores Bwin’s commitment to user privacy.


PayPal is available as a BetUK deposit and withdrawal method.

Established in 1997, Bwin is known for sponsoring major sports events and teams, offering a vast array of betting options

The minimum deposit for PayPal users at BetUK is £10.

The minimum withdrawal amount using PayPal at BetUK is £10. The maximum withdrawal limit for PayPal users at BetUK is £5,500.

Find all of the payment methods at BetUK for other limits and terms that are available.

You can also use our review of BetUK for more on promotions and our rating on the site as a whole.

How We Choose PayPal Bookies

We take a number of things into consideration when choosing our best PayPal betting sites, here are some of the ranking factors:

Competitive Odds

We only pick reputable bookmakers that offer players competitive odds throughout all sports – this is a big reason for our picks.

Ensuring that you use bookies with good odds will offer you long-term gains.

Sports Coverage

All of our favourite PayPal betting sites come with an extensive sports coverage. This allows players to search through different betting markets and sports.

Enjoy betting coverage for football, horse racing, boxing, tennis, golf, ice hockey and more.

PayPal Limits

A big part of choosing PayPal betting sites is to consider the minimum and maximum limits.

Often, the smallest deposit available is £5 using PayPal betting sites. The maximum withdrawal limit using PayPal at bookmakers is £5,500.

Welcome Bonuses

It’s always great to use PayPal bookies to find exciting welcome offers. If you’re looking to join a new site then be sure to capitalise on generous welcome offers.

Our team consider the welcome promotions and offers for new players as part of our ranking.

Live Streaming

We prefer bookmakers that offer live streaming. Generally, this is available for sports or markets in horse racing, badminton, tennis and other events when you stake a bet on the fixture.

Live streaming on William Hill and other bookies allow you to ensure you don’t miss any of the action.

Customer Support

The best online bookies have good customer support. Friendly and helpful support allows you to get in touch with a team whenever you experience any issues.

Advantages of PayPal Betting Sites

Here are some of the benefits for using PayPal at your favourite betting sites:

Disadvantages of PayPal Bookmakers

There aren’t many disadvantages to using PayPal at betting sites, but here are some things to consider:

How to Deposit with PayPal at Betting Sites

Deposit at PayPal betting sites using these four steps:

How to Withdraw with PayPal at Betting Sites

Withdrawing your funds from a PayPal betting site can be done in simple steps:

By following these guidelines, managing your betting finances with PayPal becomes a hassle-free process, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your betting journey.

Alternative Payment Methods

There are plenty of other payment methods aside from PayPal, here are some of the other options:


Is PayPal accepted for Betting?

PayPal is accepted at numerous betting sites, offering an e-wallet payment and allowing quick withdrawals.

Are there welcome bonuses with PayPal?

There are lots of welcome bonuses at betting sites that allow you to pay using PayPal.

Check the welcome offers and their terms and conditions to see if you can deposit using PayPal.

Are there transaction fees at PayPal betting sites?

Most betting sites do not charge PayPal users a fee for depositing on betting sites.

Check the terms and conditions at the bookmaker to see if you can enjoy fee-free transactions with PayPal.

Can you use one PayPal account for different betting sites?

One PayPal account will suffice for multiple betting sites. You’re able to add your PayPal account to several betting sites at the same time.

There’s no need to open more than one PayPal account.

What is the maximum withdrawal at PayPal Betting Sites?

We found a £13,000 PayPal max withdrawal limit at Unibet.

But generally, the maximum amount you can withdraw in one day using PayPal at betting sites is between £5,000 – £5,500.

Other Payment Method Articles