After Thursday's games didn't live up to the expectation I have some hope for today with all 3 games having potential to be pretty good, starting with Slovakia v Ukraine.

Next up is Poland against an Austria side that I quite like and showed so much promise against France. The final game has the potential to be a cracker wit Netherlands playing France.

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Friday's Euro Treble
Over 1.5 Goals (SLK v UKR)
Austria to win
Over 1.5 Goals (NED v FRA)
All my Euros bets are with bet365 so you will need an account to follow them.
Slovakia come into the game in a great position after beating Belgium which took their record to 5 wins in 6 competitive games and average 2.3 goals scored per game in that time. They face a Ukraine side who are really hit and miss with Over 2.5 goals in 5/7 games.

It is hard not to take the even money on Austria here as they were unlucky against France and have won 6 of their last 9. Poland look average at best winning just 3 of their last 10 competitive games.

France won both of their recent games against the Netherlands (2-1 & 4-0) so Over 1.5 Goals looks a solid bet and if you wanted an even bigger price go to 3+ goals.

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The Euros Friday Tips: Analysing and Picking Winners for Today’s Matches

Today’s fixtures in the UEFA Euro 2024 promise thrilling football action with key matchups including Slovakia vs. Ukraine, Poland vs. Austria, and the high-profile clash between the Netherlands and France. Let’s delve into how we analyse these games and pick winners for different bet types.

Match Analysis

Our process begins with a thorough examination of each match, focusing on several key factors:
1. Form and Performance: Recent form is crucial. For instance, France has been dominant in their recent outings, showcasing strong performances in both defense and attack. The Netherlands, while strong, have shown occasional vulnerabilities, particularly against high-caliber opponents.
2. Head-to-Head Records: Historical encounters can provide insights. France and the Netherlands have had several competitive encounters, with France often coming out on top. This history can play a psychological role in today’s game.
3. Injuries and Suspensions: The availability of key players is vital. France will likely field a full-strength squad, including their star players like Kylian Mbappé. The Netherlands might miss a few key defenders, impacting their defensive setup.
4. Tactics and Strategy: Understanding team strategies is essential. France’s fluid attacking style, combined with a solid midfield, contrasts with the Netherlands’ reliance on wing play and fast counterattacks.

Bet Types and Strategies

We provide tips for various bet types to cater to different betting preferences:
1. Match Result (1X2): Predicting the outcome of the match. For Slovakia vs. Ukraine, considering Ukraine’s recent struggles, Slovakia might be tipped for a win. In the Poland vs. Austria game, both teams are evenly matched, but Poland’s home advantage could give them the edge. The match between the Netherlands and France leans towards a French victory given their form and head-to-head dominance.
2. Both Teams to Score (BTTS): This bet requires both teams to score at least one goal. Given the attacking capabilities of France and the Netherlands, BTTS is a strong consideration. Slovakia vs. Ukraine might be less predictable, but both teams have shown scoring potential in their recent matches.
3. Over/Under Goals: This involves betting on whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under a specified number. For France vs. Netherlands, over 2.5 goals is a reasonable bet given both teams’ attacking prowess. Slovakia vs. Ukraine might be a safer bet for under 2.5 goals, considering their defensive strengths.
4. Correct Score: Predicting the exact score is challenging but offers high rewards. For France vs. Netherlands, a 2-1 or 3-1 win for France is a realistic prediction. Slovakia vs. Ukraine could end in a narrow 1-0 or 1-1 draw, given their evenly matched capabilities.
5. Player-Specific Bets: Bets like “First Goal Scorer” or “Anytime Goal Scorer” rely on individual player analysis. For France, Kylian Mbappé is a strong candidate for the first goal scorer given his form. In the Poland vs. Austria match, Robert Lewandowski is a likely pick for anytime goal scorer.

Today’s Euro 2024 Fixtures

Slovakia vs. Ukraine:
– Match Result: Slovakia to win or draw, based on Ukraine’s recent form.
– BTTS: Yes, as both teams have potential to score.
– Over/Under Goals: Under 2.5 goals, aligning with their recent defensive matches.
– Correct Score: 1-1 to Slovakia.
– First Goal Scorer: Milan Škriniar from Slovakia.
Poland vs. Austria:
– Match Result: Austria to win – based on Poland’s poor form.
– BTTS: Yes, both teams have shown scoring abilities.
– Over/Under Goals: Over 2.5 goals, given both teams’ attacking records.
– Correct Score: 2-1 to Austria.
– Anytime Goal Scorer: Robert Lewandowski.
Netherlands vs. France:
– Match Result: France to win, based on their superior form and head-to-head record.
– BTTS: Yes, due to both teams’ strong attacks.
– Over/Under Goals: Over 2.5 goals, given their offensive strengths.
– Correct Score: 3-1 to France.
– First Goal Scorer: Kylian Mbappé.
By meticulously analysing these factors, we aim to provide well-reasoned tips that enhance your betting experience and increase the chances of making successful bets on today’s exciting Euros fixtures.