The final round of group games start on Sunday. I have best bets and bet builders for Switzerland v Germany and Scotland v Hungary.

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Switzerland v Germany
Kick-off time - 20:00
Group A
Best Bets - Switzerland v Germany
BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals
Silvan Widmer (SWI) card
Germany have confirmed they won't make many changes so I think they will take this 2-1/3-1 with both teams to score landing in 8/10 Swiss games and 10/12 German games.

If Switzerland play their main XI Widmer to be booked looks a massive price with 2 cards in his last 3 games.
Switzerland v Germany Bet Builder
Germany to win
K.Havertz 1+ SOT
F.Schar 1+ Foul
J.Tah 1+ Foul
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Scotland v Hungary
Kick-off time - 20:00
Group a
Best Bets - Scotland v Hungary
Dominik Szoboszlai (HUN) Card
With this being such a big game for both sides, lots of cards are expected but Szoboszlai looks a great bet with 4 cards in 8 games for Hungary.
Scotland v Hungary Bet Builder
Hungary to win or draw
B.Varga 1+ SOT
S.McTominay 1+ Foul
A.Schafer 1+ Foul
To follow all my bets at the Euros you will need a Bet365 account

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The Euros Saturday Tips: Analysing and Picking Winners for Tomorrow’s Matches

Saturday’s fixtures in the UEFA Euro 2024 include exciting matchups such as Georgia vs. Czech Republic, Turkey vs. Portugal, and Belgium vs. Romania. Here’s a detailed analysis of these games, along with tips on how to pick winners for various bet types.

Match Analysis

We start with a comprehensive examination of each match, focusing on key factors:
1. Form and Performance: Evaluating recent form is essential. Portugal, for example, has been in excellent form, winning their last few matches convincingly. Turkey has also shown strong performances but has been inconsistent at times.
2. Head-to-Head Records: Historical encounters provide context. Portugal has generally had the upper hand against Turkey. Georgia and Czech Republic have had fewer encounters, making it a more unpredictable match. Belgium has a strong record against Romania, which can influence betting decisions.
3. Injuries and Suspensions: The availability of key players can significantly impact the outcome. Portugal’s star players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, are expected to play, giving them a significant boost. Turkey might miss some key defenders, which could impact their defensive solidity.
4. Tactics and Strategy: Understanding team strategies is crucial. Portugal’s attacking style, combined with a solid midfield, contrasts with Turkey’s more defensive and counter-attacking approach. Belgium’s well-rounded team faces Romania’s aggressive style, which could make for an interesting match.

Bet Types and Strategies

We provide tips for various bet types to cater to different betting preferences:
1. Match Result (1X2): Predicting the outcome is straightforward. For Georgia vs. Czech Republic, Czech Republic is favored given their overall stronger squad. In Turkey vs. Portugal, Portugal is tipped to win based on their current form and historical dominance. Belgium is likely to win against Romania due to their superior team strength.
2. Both Teams to Score (BTTS): This bet requires both teams to score at least one goal. For Turkey vs. Portugal, considering both teams’ attacking capabilities, BTTS is a strong consideration. Georgia vs. Czech Republic might be less likely for BTTS, given Georgia’s inconsistent scoring. Belgium vs. Romania, with both teams having offensive strengths, makes BTTS a viable option.
3. Over/Under Goals: This involves betting on whether the total number of goals scored will be over or under a specified number. For Portugal vs. Turkey, over 2.5 goals is a reasonable bet given Portugal’s offensive prowess. Georgia vs. Czech Republic might be safer for under 2.5 goals. Belgium vs. Romania could see over 2.5 goals, reflecting both teams’ attacking potential.
4. Correct Score: Predicting the exact score is challenging but offers high rewards. For Portugal vs. Turkey, a 3-1 win for Portugal is a realistic prediction. Georgia vs. Czech Republic could end in a narrow 1-0 or 2-0 win for Czech Republic. Belgium vs. Romania might see a 2-1 victory for Belgium.
5. Player-Specific Bets: Bets like “First Goal Scorer” or “Anytime Goal Scorer” rely on individual player analysis. For Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is a strong candidate for the first goal scorer given his form. In the Belgium vs. Romania match, Romelu Lukaku is a likely pick for anytime goal scorer.

Saturday’s Euro 2024 Fixtures and Predictions

Georgia vs. Czech Republic:
– Match Result: Czech Republic to win, based on their stronger squad.
– BTTS: No, but Georgia have been inconsistent.
– Over/Under Goals: Under 2.5 goals, reflecting Georgia’s defensive approach.
– Correct Score: 2-0 to Czech Republic.
– First Goal Scorer: Patrik Schick from Czech Republic.
Turkey vs. Portugal:
– Match Result: Portugal to win, given their superior form and squad depth.
– BTTS: Yes, due to both teams’ strong attacks.
– Over/Under Goals: Over 2.5 goals, considering Portugal’s offensive strength.
– Correct Score: 3-1 to Portugal.
– First Goal Scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo.
Belgium vs. Romania:
– Match Result: Belgium to win, based on their overall team strength.
– BTTS: Yes, both teams have shown good offensive capabilities.
– Over/Under Goals: Over 2.5 goals, given the attacking prowess of both teams.
– Correct Score: 2-1 to Belgium.
– Anytime Goal Scorer: Romelu Lukaku.