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Philadelphia Horse Racing Tips Today

Here is our list of tips and predictions for the best chances of a winner at Parx Racetrack.

Fontwell Park14:13GwashWednesday
Fontwell Park14:43Paddy De PoleWednesday
Fontwell Park15:13Call Off The DogsWednesday
Fontwell Park15:43Dear RalphyWednesday
Fontwell Park16:13Village MasterWednesday
Fontwell Park16:43Amalfi BayWednesday
Fontwell Park17:18Earth CryWednesday
Hamilton Park18:20Gatwick KittenWednesday
Hamilton Park18:50Dramatic StarWednesday
Hamilton Park19:20Dubai HillsWednesday
Hamilton Park19:50Sacred FallsWednesday
Hamilton Park20:25Aces WildWednesday
Hamilton Park21:00True NationWednesday
Kempton Park17:05StockpyleWednesday
Kempton Park17:40ZilfeeWednesday
Kempton Park18:10Eighth AvenueWednesday
Kempton Park18:40Rosa ApplauseWednesday
Kempton Park19:10College ChoirWednesday
Kempton Park19:40FictionalWednesday
Kempton Park20:15Night BreezeWednesday
Kempton Park20:45Wannabe BraveWednesday
Limerick (IRE)17:30EmericWednesday
Limerick (IRE)18:00ImarajanWednesday
Limerick (IRE)18:30September LeavesWednesday
Limerick (IRE)19:00SnellenWednesday
Limerick (IRE)19:30ZaheeWednesday
Limerick (IRE)20:00ImprovingWednesday
Limerick (IRE)20:30MephistoWednesday
Yarmouth14:30Swiss CabaretWednesday
Yarmouth16:00Leuven PowerWednesday
Yarmouth16:30Keen InterestWednesday

Our predictions for today’s picks are provided by our USA professional sportsbook tipsters.