Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

We look at the best horse racing betting sites of 2024 to help you find the perfect website for all your betting needs.  

We focus on the critical elements that define the best horse racing betting websites; competitive odds, diverse sports betting markets, reliable customer service, live streaming, best odds guarantees and secure transactions. In today’s world there is an array of online bookmakers to choose from but a truly exceptional betting experience depends on these key aspects. This is not just about personal preference and branding but making an informed choice that impacts your betting success and overall enjoyment.

Our comprehensive expert review teams here at Get Your Tips Out have meticulously ranked and evaluated the top horse racing betting websites in the UK for 2024. We have examined each betting site in detail, looking at crucial factors that affect customers’ experiences. We’ve basically done all the hardwork for you.

Whether you are an experienced punter or stepping into horse racing betting for the first time, this guide aims to navigate you through the UK’s best horse racing betting websites with confidence.

So, under starters order and away we go, in our top horse racing betting websites review!

Criteria for Ranking the Best Betting Sites

The criteria for ranking the best betting sites include:

  • Betting Odds and Payouts: the cornerstone of any betting site is the competitiveness of its odds. Sites offering better odds typically provide higher returns on successful bets and to be more popular with punters. This review compares the odds across various platforms, focusing on how they stack up against industry averages and the value they offer to bettors.
  • User Experience: a seamless user experience is essential when placing bets. This encompasses the navigability of the website, the intuitiveness of the design, and the overall user interface. In today’s mobile-centric world, the availability and functionality of a betting site’s mobile app are equally important. We assess the ease of placing bets, the clarity of information presented, and the responsiveness of the site and its app across different devices.
  • Security and Licensing: trustworthiness is non-negotiable. Our betting site review prioritises websites that adhere to UK gambling laws and regulations, ensuring they are licensed and regulated by reputable authorities like the UK Gambling Commission. We also examine the security measures in place to protect user data and transactions.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: bonuses can significantly enhance the betting experience. We evaluate the types of bonuses and promotions offered by leading UK bookies, including sign-up bonuses, loyalty programs, and other incentives. The terms and conditions of these bonuses, such as wagering requirements, are also considered to gauge their true value.
  • Customer Support: effective customer support can be crucial, especially for resolving issues promptly. We assess the availability (24/7 support, live chat, etc.), responsiveness, and helpfulness of the support teams.

To compile these rankings, we’ve employed a comprehensive research methodology, drawing on a wide range of sources including expert reviews, user feedback, and direct analysis of betting sites. This multifaceted approach ensures our rankings are well-rounded and reliable, providing a genuine reflection of the best horse racing betting websites in the UK for 2024.

Top 10 Horse Racing Betting Websites in the UK

The top 10 horse racing betting sites are:

  • bet365
  • Sky Bet
  • BoylesSports
  • William Hill
  • Ladbrokes
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfred
  • BetVictor
  • Parimatch

What Makes a Great Horse Racing Betting Website?

Specific qualities that make a great horse racing betting website are:

  • Live Streaming – most betting sites offer live streaming services, allowing you to immerse yourself in the excitement of the racecourse from wherever you are. This feature is indispensable for those who base their betting decisions on the live experience of the race. It also offers a key edge in the fast-paced world of horse racing betting if you are betting in-play or in-running.
  • Bet Options Diversity – the best bet websites cater for all punters, from novices looking for straightforward ‘win’ or ‘each-way’ bets to the aficionados delving into ‘quinella’, ‘exacta’, or ‘superfecta’ wagers. This range ensures that whether you’re a conservative bettor or a professional punter, there’s a bet that matches your strategy.
  • Best Odds Guaranteed – with ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ (BOG), leading websites pledge to pay you at the best possible odds. This means if the Starting Price (SP) on your selection is higher than the odds you took, they’ll honour the higher price. This assurance means you’ll never miss out on better returns with another bookmaker.
  • Extra Places the ‘extra places’ feature is a bonus during major events with large fields – particularly big handicaps such as the Grand National and Ayr Gold Cup. The selected websites all offer payouts on more places, thus increasing your chances of earning on an each-way bet.
  • Simplified Betting Experience top-tier betting sites make betting as straightforward as it should be. They demystify complex betting terms and processes, offering guides and tooltips for pumters of all levels. Their platforms are designed for ease, from selecting your race to placing your bet, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.
  • Payment Flexibility – a broad selection of payment methods – from debit cards to e-wallets like PayPal – is a mark of a user-focused site. They provide quick and secure transactions, with encryption technology to safeguard your financial details. Withdrawal times are swift, letting you access your winnings without unnecessary delay.
  • Responsive Customer Support – top-class customer service is critical. The best horse racing betting websites offer extensive FAQs, live chat, email support, and phone lines with minimal wait times. Their teams are knowledgeable and courteous, aiming to resolve any issues with speed and efficiency.
  • Racecards, Stats & Educational Resources – to aid your betting journey, the top betting sites often provide wealth of factual resources. These include form guides, race previews, tipster columns, betting calculators, jockey stats, trainer stats and race history. This wealth of information helps you make informed decisions. As the saying goes “Knowledge is power”.
  • Promotions and Rewards – regular promotions and rewards can significantly enhance your betting experience. Many sites have loyalty programs that reward regular betting with free bets, odds boosts, or cashback offers. These rewards can provide additional value and incentives to stay engaged with the platform.
  • Innovative Features – the top gambling sites are often at the forefront of betting innovation. Features like ‘Cash Out’, which allows you to settle a bet before the race has finished, and ‘Bet Builder’, enabling you to create a personalised multiple bet on a single race, are examples of how these platforms evolve to meet the needs of modern bettors in an increasingly crowded market.

As you can see, the finest horse racing betting websites are a punter’ best friends, offering more than just a place to bet; they provide a place to review form, check out stats and watch the racing.

The best horse racing betting websites – which we have listed – distinguish themselves by offering robust live streaming, a vast array of betting options including ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ and ‘extra places’, a user-friendly interface, secure and diverse payment options, responsive customer service, and a wealth of educational and promotional resources. They not only provide the infrastructure for betting but enrich the overall experience.

Tips for Betting on Horse Racing

Many of the top sites offer great tips for betting on horse racing on a daily basis.

Betting on horse racing can be as much about skill and knowledge as it is about luck. Whether you’re a novice to the track or a seasoned punter, certain strategies can help you stay ahead and the more opinions you get, the better.

The best racing websites will look at the following when giving their racing tips:

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is paramount when engaging in any betting activity, including horse racing. It’s crucial to cultivate betting habits that ensure the sport remains a form of entertainment and does not negatively impact your life.

  • Strategies – it’s essential to start with the basics. Understand the different types of bets – from single ‘win’ bets to more complex bets. Beginners should focus on single bets initially, as they are easier to track and understand. Experienced bettors might develop a strategy around more strategic bets, which can offer bigger returns if successful. It’s also beneficial to follow the form – research the horses, jockeys, and trainers. Look for patterns in performance, such as how a horse performs on different ground conditions or distances, this will likely give clues.
  • Common Pitfalls – one common pitfall is emotional betting, where choices are made based on a favourite horse or jockey rather than objective data. Avoid this by sticking to a strategy based on form and conditions. Another pitfall is chasing losses; it’s crucial to understand that not every bet will win and that it’s part of the game. Instead of trying to recover losses quickly through high-risk bets, stay the course with your betting strategy – some days will be better than others.
  • Bankroll Management and Budgeting – effective bankroll management is critical. Set aside a betting fund that you’re comfortable with and never bet more than you can afford to lose. This not only preserves your bankroll over more races but also helps mitigate the impact of any losses.
  • Informed Bets – making informed bets means doing your homework. Take advantage of resources like racecards, expert analysis, and real-time track conditions. Don’t ignore the importance of price; always look for value in the odds rather than just betting on the favourites. Remember, a higher price on a less favoured horse could mean a bigger return if your research and instincts are sound. Make sure you look at our daily tips, as well as David Dooley Tips and resources such as British Racecourses.

By following these tips – understanding betting strategies, avoiding common pitfalls, managing your bankroll effectively, and making informed decisions – you’re setting yourself up for a more enjoyable and potentially profitable horse racing betting experience.

To maintain responsible betting habits, always set limits on how much time and money you are willing to spend. Never view gambling as a source of income or a way to recover from financial losses. It’s a leisure activity, not a financial strategy.

Recognising the signs of gambling addiction is essential. These can include spending more money or time betting than you can afford, finding it hard to stop or manage your betting, and gambling affecting your personal relationships or work life. Taking regular breaks from gambling, keeping it social without using it to escape problems, and being aware of the risk of addiction are vital preventive measures.

If you find yourself or someone you know struggling with gambling, seek support immediately. Organisations like BeGambleAware ( offer confidential help and advice. The National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133) provides support and counselling for those affected by gambling.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help, and taking action early can make a significant difference.

Overview of Horse Racing Betting in the UK

Horse racing betting in the UK has a long history, dating back to the 17th century. This was when horse racing began to take a formal shape with standard rules and dedicated racecourses. Since then, it has become a key part of British sport, with betting being an integral aspect of the racing experience.

Today, UK horse racing is marked by major events like the Grand National, Royal Ascot, and the Cheltenham Festival. These racing festivals are not just sporting spectacles but also big occasions for betting, attracting attention both in the UK and abroad. The trend in betting has shifted towards in-play betting, which allows bets to be placed during the race, adding excitement to the betting process.

The UK Gambling Commission is crucial in regulating horse racing betting, ensuring fairness and safety for bettors. This strict regulation covers all betting platforms, including both traditional bookies and online betting sites. Other bodies, such as the Horserace Betting Levy Board and the British Horseracing Authority, also play a part in maintaining the sport’s integrity.

Online betting has significantly changed the horse racing betting industry. It has made betting more accessible, letting more people get involved. Online platforms are convenient, offering a range of betting options and useful resources like race replays and expert tips. This move to digital has not only brought more people into betting but has also rejuvenated the industry, keeping it relevant in the modern era and introducing it to a new audience.

The combination of historical tradition, ongoing innovation, and strong regulation makes horse racing betting in the UK a unique and lasting part of the country’s sporting scene

Frequently Asked Questions about Horse Racing Betting Sites

Here are the best popular questions about horse race betting and horse racing we get asked:

How to start betting on horse racing?

To start betting on horse racing, choose a licensed betting site, register an account, deposit funds, and study the types of bets offered. Begin with simple ‘win’ bets, and as experience grows, explore ‘place’ and ‘each-way’ bets, and eventually move to more complex wagers like ‘forecasts’ and ‘tricasts’. Check out our list of the best UK betting sites above to make an informed choice today.

What types of bets are available in horse racing?

The types of bets available in horse racing range from ‘win’ bets, where one predicts a horse to finish first, to ‘place’ bets, where a horse must finish in the top positions.

‘Each-way’ bets combine a ‘win’ and a ‘place’ bet, and more complex bets like ‘forecasts’ and ‘tricasts’ involve predicting the exact order of the first two or three finishers, respectively.

How do odds affect the payouts in horse racing betting?

Odds affect the payouts in horse racing betting by indicating the probability of a horse winning a race and determining the amount of money one could win.

Fractional odds such as 5/1 indicate that for every £1 staked, one could win £5, while decimal odds of 6.00 mean that for every £1 staked, the total return would be £6, including the stake.

How can one choose a reputable horse racing betting site?

Choosing a reputable horse racing betting site involves ensuring it holds a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission, offers competitive odds, provides a wide array of betting markets, has reliable customer support, and promotes responsible gambling.

How can one watch horse races live on betting sites?

To watch horse races live on betting sites, you usually need to have placed a bet on the race or have a funded account, as most platforms offer live streaming services under these conditions.

What should you do if they suspect they have a gambling problem?

If you suspects they have a gambling problem, they should immediately seek assistance from organisations such as GamCare or the National Gambling Helpline, which offer support and advice on dealing with gambling addiction.

Is it possible to bet on horse races via a mobile phone?

Betting on horse races via a mobile phone is possible as most betting sites offer mobile-optimised websites or apps that enable users to place bets, manage their accounts, and watch live races on the go.

What strategies should you employ for successful horse racing betting?

Employing strategies for successful horse racing betting often involves conducting detailed research, seeking out the best odds, practising disciplined bankroll management, and focusing on specific types of races or tracks where one has better information.

Why is understanding a horse’s ‘form’ crucial when placing bets?

Understanding a horse’s ‘form’ is crucial when placing bets because it provides valuable information about the horse’s past performances, offering insight into its potential to perform well in upcoming races under specific conditions.


In summarising the top horse racing betting sites, it’s clear that the best platforms offer competitive odds, a wide range of betting options, live streaming services, and value-added features like ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ and ‘extra places’.

We have highlighted leading sites such as bet365, Ladbrokes, Boylesports, The Tote and Sky Bet and more, who all have these credentials.

These sites stand out not just for their robust security and licensing but also for their commitment to enhancing the user experience through intuitive design and comprehensive customer support.

The landscape of horse racing betting is dynamic, and while this guide serves as a solid foundation, the onus is on you, to find out which is the betting site for you.

We invite you to delve deeper into the exciting world of horse racing betting by exploring more content on our website. Whether you’re looking for detailed race analysis, expert betting tips, or the latest industry news, our website is your go-to resource.

Stay informed, stay strategic, and may your next wager be a well-placed one and hopefully, a winner!