Betfred offers a variety of payment options to suit your needs.

From traditional banking methods to modern e-wallets, Betfred ensures easy and secure transactions for all users. Betfred offers a diverse range of banking options, including Visa Debits, PayPal, Skrill and Trustly.

Read on for everything you need to know about Betfred Payment Methods in 2024, where I include details on withdrawal times, banking options, how to deposit and more.

Our Betfred review talks about what we like and what we aren’t a fan of, as we delve into everything they have to offer, including their latest offer everybody seems to be talking about.

How do I deposit money into my Betfred account?

Depositing to your Betfred account is simple, follow these five steps to add funds to your wallet:

  1. Log in to your Betfred account.
  2. Head to the ‘Deposit’ section at the top left.
  3. Select your preferred deposit method.
  4. Enter the deposit amount.
  5. Confirm the transaction.

What is the minimum deposit at Betfred?

The minimum deposit amount at Betfred is £5.

Each minimum deposit amount at Betfred varies by payment method. Below is a breakdown of the minimum deposit for each option at Betfred:

At Betfred, all payment methods are free of deposit fees, and every transaction is processed instantly, ensuring swift and cost-effective funding of your betting account.

For detailed information on deposit times and any potential fees, be sure to review Betfred’s terms and conditions. This information ensures you’re fully informed about the specifics of each deposit method at Betfred.

What is the maximum deposit at Betfred?

There is no maximum deposit limit at Betfred when using any debit card or e-wallet.

I’m a huge fan of Betfred, thanks to their willingness to allow flexibility with deposit limits. With there being no deposit limit, there’s less to worry about. Most online bookies have a deposit limit of £100k.

The maximum deposit will depend on the payment method you choose, check the full terms and conditions before making a payment.

How do I withdraw money from Betfred?

Withdraw winnings from your Betfred account with these easy-to-follow eight steps:

  1. Login: Access your Betfred account by clicking Login in the top right corner.
  2. Navigate: Go to the ‘Withdrawal’ section.
  3. Choose: Select your preferred withdrawal method from the list of payment types.
  4. Specify: Enter the withdrawal amount.
  5. Confirm: Complete any necessary identity verification.
  6. Submit: Finalise your withdrawal request.
  7. Wait: Allow time for Betfred to process the transaction.

Withdrawing your cash works the same way on both the Betfred mobile app and website, the process of requesting a withdrawal is a simple task that takes just minutes.

To withdraw your winnings from the Betfred betting account, you will need to be fully verified. Getting verified at Betfred requires you to send in proof of identity, address and payment. Go to Betfred’s documents and upload an unexpired photo from an ID.

What is the maximum payout at Betfred on a single bet?

The maximum payout at Betfred on a single bet is £1,000,000.

This limit applies to major sports markets like football. Max payouts on horse racing can vary depending on the type of bet, Ante-Post bets have a maximum payout of £250,000,000, and there are no limits on Totepools. Payout limits may vary for other sports, bet types or betting markets, you should therefore check the terms and conditions before wagering.

Find out all bookies maximum payout with a couple even beating Betfred’s amount.

What is the minimum withdrawal at Betfred?

The daily minimum withdrawal at Betfred is £5 when using debit cards, e-wallets or mobile wallet.

Betfred’s min withdrawal varies on each payment type, here’s a breakdown of each withdrawal method:

What is Betfred’s Maximum Withdrawal per day?

The maximum you can withdraw from Betfred is £25,000 per day using the bank transfer method.

Using a bank transfer to withdraw your funds at is free, once a month (every 28 days). Any additional withdrawals via bank transfer with Betfred will incur a cost of £12 or £25 for express transfers.

Outside of the bank transfer withdrawal, Betfred’s maximum withdrawals are capped at £20,000. Larger payouts will need to be broken down into several Betfred transactions, to exceed their maximum daily payout.

Does Betfred Accept Credit Cards?

Betfred no longer accepts credit cards for payment in compliance with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulations.

There are alternatives to credit card payments such as debit cards, making deposits and withdrawals simple.

Any funds deposited to betting sites via credit cards before the regulations came in, can still be withdrawn as normal.

How long does it take to withdraw Betfred funds using a debit card?

Betfred processes debit card withdrawals within a timeframe of 3 hours to five days, ensuring a quick and efficient transfer of funds.

I’m an advocate of the Fast Funds option, with it now challenging the latest e-wallet transactions. You can get your payment within hours.

Visa Direct and Visa Fast Funds speed up the withdrawal process. It takes 3 hours for a Betfred withdrawal via Fast Funds. Visa withdrawals take longer than Visa Direct, taking between 3-5 days to be processed and paid.

All Betfred withdrawals will show on bank statements.

Does Betfred Accept PayPal?

Betfred accepts PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Betfred’s minimum deposit using PayPal is £5 and is processed instantly

The minimum withdrawal on Betfred using PayPal is £10, and the maximum withdrawal using PayPal is £5,500. It takes up to 24 hours to withdraw money from Betfred to PayPal.

Using PayPal on betting sites has become a popular choice for punters – offering seamless payments, quick payouts, and transactions won’t show on your bank statement.

Does Betfred Accept Skrill?

Betfred accepts Skrill as an e-wallet payment method, you can seamlessly deposit and withdraw with this secure banking option.

Skrill does not charge a transaction fee to Betfred users. The minimum deposit allowed at Betfred via Skrill is £5.

Withdrawal times at Betfred using Skrill take up to 48 hours to be processed and paid. The withdrawal limit is set to £65k according to Betfred’s Skrill terms and conditions.

Skrill payments do not show as Betfred on your bank statement.

Skrill is a great e-wallet for gambling sites and is certainly one I use, a standout feature is the ease of use on mobile. Manage your transactions from the Skrill mobile app and keep track of what you’re depositing and withdrawing at Betfred. This is an important aspect of staking cash online, it’s integral to keep an overview of what you’re betting.

Find other Skrill bookmakers with our full guide on sites that accept this payment type.

Does Betfred Accept Starling?

Betfred accepts Starling as a payment method.

Deposit and withdraw from your Betfred account using a bank of your choice. You can utilise Starling Bank for your transaction but you will incur a charge of 0.7%.

The minimum deposit amount is £10 when using Starling Bank to add funds to your Betfred account.

I’d recommend opting for an alternative payment method such as debit or e-wallet, this will help you avoid charges on each transaction.

Does Betfred Accept Bitcoin?

Betfred does not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as payment.

Despite the continuous growth of crypto, Bitcoin and Ethereum are not accepted payment options at Betfred.

You’d be better off utilising the many other payment options, they’re simple to use and also offer a simple way to track payments.

Does Betfred Accept Revolut?

Betfred accepts Revolut debit cards and pre-paid cards as deposit methods.

Deposit and withdraw using their debit cards, but you won’t be able to use the Revolut credit cards due to the UKGC legislation.

Revolut offers a Visa Fast Funds feature at Betfred, allowing you to enjoy speedy withdrawal times as quick as two hours. Alternatively, payouts from your Betfred account to Revolut take up to five days.

The minimum deposit via Revolut is £5 and is processed instantly at

Does Betfred Accept Monzo?

Betfred accepts Monzo as both a deposit and withdrawal method. 

The Visa Debit works the same way as the other debit payment methods at Betfred. Offering you quick and easy deposits – your minimum deposit using a debit card at Betfred is £5.

Monzo is a great bank that’s now recognised worldwide, it’s fantastic for use from a phone and tracking all payments.

Payments from your Betfred real money account to your Monzo Bank take between 1 – 3 working days.

Does Betfred Accept Amex?

Betfred does not accept Amex as a payment method.

Credit cards are no longer accepted at any UK betting sites. This safety legislation has been recently brought in by the UK Gambling Commission.

Luckily, there are plenty of other Betfred payment types available with banks, e-wallets and smart wallets.

Does Betfred Accept Apple Pay?

Betfred accepts Apple Pay as a payment method, offering quick and secure transactions for deposits.

Apple Pay does not incur transaction fees for Betfred users, making it a cost-effective choice for bettors. The minimum deposit amount via Apple Pay at Betfred is set at £5.

Withdrawals via Apple Pay at Betfred are processed swiftly, typically within 24 hours.

I value Apple Pay for its high security and speed, particularly its integration with iOS devices for seamless transactions. The convenience of using biometric authentication for payments adds an extra layer of security.

Another feature worth noting is Apple Pay’s discreet nature, not revealing gambling activity on bank statements is beneficial for privacy-conscious users.

Does Betfred Accept Google Pay?

Betfred accepts Google Pay, facilitating easy and secure deposits for users.

Google Pay at Betfred is free from transaction fees, offering an economical option for bettors. The minimum deposit amount with Google Pay is conveniently set at £5.

Withdrawal processing times for Google Pay at Betfred are typically quick, and are paid within 24 hours. This efficiency enhances the overall betting experience by providing swift access to funds.

Google Pay stands out for its seamless integration with Android devices, making deposits effortless and secure. Its user-friendly interface and the ability to use biometric security features, like fingerprint scanning, add a layer of convenience and safety to transactions

The fact that Google Pay transactions don’t appear as gambling-related on bank statements is a significant advantage and a reason many punters are now using smart wallets such as Google Pay.

Does Betfred Accept Boku?

Betfred does not accept Boku as a payment option.

Instead, you can utilise the many other payment options at Betfred such as PayPal, Skrill or a Debit.

Does Betfred Accept Ecopayz?

Betfred doesn’t accept EcoPayz as a payment method on their site.

Opt for one of the alternative payment options. Those looking for Ecopayz at Betfred will prefer quick and easy payment types such as PayPal or Skrill.

Does Betfred Accept Klarna?

Betfred does not accept Klarna as a payment option, limiting users who prefer this specific method.

Instead, opt for Betfred payment methods such as e-wallets and debit cards. There’s no shortage of deposit and withdrawal methods at Betfred.

Does Betfred Accept Neteller?

Betfred currently doesn’t accept Neteller as a payment method. 

Neteller isn’t available at Betfred, but you can use PayPal or other e-wallets that work similarly. These payment options both provide fast and easy transactions available by desktop or mobile.

Does Betfred Accept PayForIt?

Betfred doesn’t accept Payforit as a payment method.

When looking for an alternative payment method you can use PayPal or one of the other e-wallets.

Does Betfred Accept PaySafeCard?

Betfred accepts Paysafecard as a payment method on their site.

When depositing at Betfred using PaySafeCard you will incur no fees and the processing time is instant.

A similar experience can be expected when withdrawing using PaySafeCard, the transaction will incur no fees and you can expect the funds to arrive in your account within 24 hours.

Does Betfred Accept Trustly?

Betfred accepts Trustly as a payment method for both deposits and withdrawals, offering users a secure and efficient way to transact.

Trustly transactions at Betfred incur no additional fees, making it a cost-effective choice for users. The minimum deposit amount with Trustly is set at a user-friendly £5.

Withdrawals via Trustly at Betfred are processed typically within 24 hours, ensuring prompt access to funds. This swift service enhances the overall user experience at Betfred.

Trustly’s direct bank e-payments provide a secure and fast way to make online payments. Its major advantage lies in the direct processing of transactions, bypassing the need for card details or prolonged verification processes. This makes Trustly a preferred option for bettors who value both security and speed in their online transactions, contributing to a seamless betting experience at Betfred.

Does Betfred Accept Mpesa?

Betfred does not accept Mpesa as a payment option on their site.

Exploring further can help you find a suitable payment method for your needs. Considering PayPal or Trustly is advantageous as they provide fee-free, fast, and user-friendly payment solutions.

Does Betfred Accept Naira?

Betfred currently doesn’t accept Naira as a deposit or withdrawal method for their site.

Betfred offers a wide variety of payment methods, if you are in a part of the world that doesn’t have access to a lot of the payment methods on this list, we would suggest checking out PayPal as this can be used worldwide.

Why Does Betfred Restrict Bets on Betting Accounts?

Betfred may impose restrictions on your account if you consistently secure substantial winnings. Such measures are taken to mitigate the risk of significant financial losses for the company.

Betfred might limit the size of your bets, particularly if your betting patterns suggest a high level of success. This approach is a standard industry practice to balance the financial risks involved in betting operations.

Additionally, Betfred could place restrictions on accounts they suspect are operated by professional gamblers. This is often part of their broader strategy to ensure fair play and to maintain the integrity of their betting platform, as professional gambling can sometimes lead to disproportionate betting advantages.

Why Can’t I Cash Out on Betfred?

Betfred’s Cash Out feature is not guaranteed and it can be withdrawn or suspended at any moment.

Betfred is not obliged to offer a Cash Out to players. But there are some common reasons why you may not be able to cash out your winnings on Betfred.

During the last minutes of a game or during a significant play, the Cash Out will be suspended. If you use a free bet at Betfred, you won’t be able to use cash out features.

Summary – Final Thoughts

Betfred is a top online bookmaker with a reputation for offering a range of payment methods. Make quick and easy payments using your preferred option, you can choose from e-wallets, debit cards and mobile wallets.

If you’re a fan of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Skrill or PayPal, then you’re in luck with lots of different deposit and withdrawal methods.

In my experience, Betfred has always been a great website to deal with, they have a friendly customer support team and one that’s rarely required when depositing and withdrawing funds.

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